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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Holiday Pattaya - Sex Tourist and Sex Tourism

Sex tourists, holidays and tourism in Pattaya . Generally speaking, we are talking about men and women who go on holiday to Pattaya Thailand to specifically participate in having sex with prostitutes. If this is how you wish to spend your holiday and your hard earned cash, then you will not be disappointed when choosing the exiting resort of Pattaya, as your No1 holiday destination!

Firstly, if you have heard stories of Pattaya from people that have been there on holiday, or watched the many videos on YouTube, you may be led to believe that prostitution in Thailand is legal, when in fact it is completely the opposite. Having said that, please read on.

It is of little surprise, that Pattaya or indeed Thailand in general has so many sex tourists, when it seems quite natural for a Thai man to have a second wife or girlfriend discreetly hidden away somewhere. For this reason, Thai people see the sex trade as an acceptable occupation for young ladies to participate in, (even if the police do not). Having talked with many of these girls, they merely see prostitution as “simple employment” that provides a service for the holiday making, sex tourist. The majority of the prostitutes in Pattaya will be bar girls which tend to come from the poorer districts of Thailand such as Loei (Isaarn), Lopburi and Kanchanaburi where the living is hard and often impoverished. As there is no welfare system in Thailand, parents look at sending their daughters to work in Pattaya as a necessity to keep the family solvent for as a bar girl (prostitute) she will be required and obliged to send most of her illegal earnings home every month.

Bar girls are born to lay and to lie! Regardless of the stories of hardship! never believe a bar girl, even if she turns on the crocodile tears. This is just another ploy to entice you in, and keep you by her side. I guarantee she earns more and lives in far better surroundings than she would, if she had not left home for work in the bars of Pattaya! Your bar girl may say she has to sleep five or six in a room shared with her fellow bar girls. The truth is, they share a simple room out of convenience, because the majority of the time they are sleeping in three and four star hotels with the “customers” from their bars.
Bar girl in hotel room changthong house hotel pattaya
As a sex tourist in Pattaya you will quickly learn that you should never believe a word they say. Do not be fooled if a bar girl offers to sleep with you for free as you are soo handsome. There are no free lunches in Pattaya so if you enjoy dinning at the "Y" you should always expect to pay.

The number of times I have heard people say “she hasn’t, or doesn’t ask for any money” believe me guys – you will be given the bill - at some stage – so please make sure you have the money to pay it, as a visit to Pattaya Memorial Hospital, will often ruin a holiday. Sticking to the three day rule will prevent you from falling in love and will also help you sample the wares and delights from many different sources.
Bar girl in hotel room changthong house hotel pattaya
Thai women in general take very good care of their men-folk, even if it means turning a blind eye to their sometimes “wandering ways” (as I mentioned in the third paragraph). Unfortunately for the virgin sex tourist, this over attentiveness blinds us from their true aims – i.e. extracting money from us.

What about sex tourism for the older man? Well, providing her customer is well groomed and takes care of his appearance, there is no reason why he will not enjoy as much sex as his younger more virile counterpart – Viagra and Camagra are freely available along with other potions and remedies.

Both the bar girls and lady boys of Pattaya are extremely skilful at extracting cash from the unwitting sex tourist. They will often call you “Jai-dee” which means “good heart” - actually what they mean is “stupid farang or walking ATM” Another ploy is “look my friend, she have too much Gold” this comment will then make you feel obliged to buy your lady a small token of your affection. A token that will be pawned the moment you shut the taxi door and head off to the airport.

Regardless of the fact that the sex trade in Pattaya is blatantly obvious, TAT (The Tourist Authority of Thailand) appears reluctant to stop it. All I will say is this. Whether you intentionally travel to Pattaya as a sex tourist or just a regular holiday maker that gets caught up in the moment always show the girls respect, never argue with a bar girl or cause her to loose face, and if you do get caught with your trousers down? Pay whatever fine is asked and move on to enjoy the rest of your holiday in Pattaya
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